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Use this search utility to find house address numbers & letters designated by a finish type, a style name, or a specific size.

Search Method:

  1. To Search for all available cast-metal or molded-plastic styles in a Finish Type chose the applicable category from the drop-down list and then click the Search Button. This action will return a very long list.

  2. To Search for a Style in a certain cast finish or molded plastic type, click the applicable category in the top box's drop-down list, then type into the lower box all of the style's name for a specific style or part of the style name for the entire style family, then Click the Search button.

  3. To Search for all of our styles of a specific size in a specific finish, choose a category from the drop-down list and then type your desired size in the Style/Size Box -(TIP:  type a space, the size number, then -inch as in "  2-inch").

  4. To Search for prices for cut metal or plastic size, First: choose the applicable category from the drop-down list in the top box; then, Second: type the depth of the material in the lower box, e.g: 1/8.
Select Metal or Plastic Category:

For Cast Metal & Molded Plastic, Type Style Name or Size as per above examples; or, for Cut/Fabricated Material, Type the Material's Depth as a Fraction: