Explanation of Terms for Ordering & Purchasing from Accurate Image, Inc.


We understand your concerns arising from Internet usage.  Everyone at Accurate Image, Incorporated is dedicated to keeping your personal information private and your financial instruments secure.

Any personal information you provide to Accurate Image, Incorporated will be kept strictly confidential. When you order by calling us, Accurate Image stores none of your personal financial information in online files.  You will note that we do not accept credit card orders within this site. After determining the aspects of your order call us at 206-522-5539 or 800-618-0444. We only accept credit card information over the phone.

Note: This site uses a tool which collects your requests for pages and passes elements of them to search engines to assist them in indexing this site. We control the configuration of the tool and are responsible for any information sent to the search engines. No information of any type that you provide to us is shared with anyone except your credit card company or bank.


All of our product is manufactured after your order is confirmed and accepted. We do not stock any pieces as inventory.

Please order well in advance to receive your numbers or letters when you need them. Cast and Cut metal pieces usually take 10 work days (5 work days in a week) to produce. Fabricated pieces typically require 12 - 14 work days to produce. Injection-molded plastic pieces are produced in 1 - 3 work days. Formed plastic pieces are usually produced in 3 - 5 work days. Cut acrylic pieces are usually completed in 5 - 10 work days. There are no shortcuts in these production times.

NOTE: "KIT" orders require an additional 3-5 work days to complete and ship. NON-KITS in the USA ship directly to you from the producing plant. Remember to add shipping time to the length of the production period.

We usually ship Ground delivery but can send packages Next Day Air if requested. See Section 6, below, for Kit and Non-Kit considerations with respect to international destinations.


We expect you to be completely satisfied with our fine products.  Because our products are custom manufactured to your specification, we restrict returns - see the terms for returns in Section H, below.

Because of our limitation on returns, we ask that you carefully consider the size and style of your order before you submit a purchase request. (Note: See Paragraph H, below, for our terms regarding returns.)

If you have any questions regarding our products, before you submit a purchase request please contact our sales department via email by Taping here for Sales Department e-mails , telephone 206-522-5539.


Payment is in U.S. Dollars either by advance check, credit/debit card via your PayPal account and per our instructions for orders less than $2500.00; or, by advance check or direct deposit for orders over $2500.00. Payment for the amount of your custom order must be deposited to our account before we commence production. After communicating your custom order we will email to you a detailed receipt/Order Confirmation describing the goods to be custom manufactured and/or the services to be provided, the amount of the charge for these goods & services, a confirmation number, projected delivery date, and details of any cancellation or refund policies.


By ordering from Accurate Image, Incorporated, you agree to assume full responsibility for correctly measuring your site for installation of the products we send you; and for acquiring any required governmental permits for the installation of such signage. Accurate Image, Incorporated assumes no responsibility for your installation or for your failure to meet governmental regulations.

We agree to provide the items in your order to be used only for the purpose(s) indicated. If these items are used for any other purpose, you agree to compensate Accurate Image, Inc. for any additional value resulting from such use and for any consequential damages or costs of collection to Accurate Image, Inc. resulting from such undisclosed use.

When you order an installation kit, we will send you "Installation Reminders" regarding the important steps in installing your numbers or letters. By placing an order with us you are representing to Accurate Image, Incorporated that you accept full responsibility for the installation of your order. If you are not personally competent to install these fine products, we urge you to employ qualified craftsmen to complete your installation.


In the 48 contiguous states orders placed through our web site will be shipped FOB-Prepaid-&-Add FedEx or UPS Ground or suitable alternative. For Hawaii, Alaska, or international locations, our default shipping method is FOB-Prepaid-&-Add the US Postal Service. We will ship via alternative methods if requested.

If circumstances require we may adjust shipping costs to reflect added cost for surcharges, Alaska or Hawaii destinations, international locations, or other order peculiarities. Reminder: If your order contains different fonts, or if your order requests different manufacturing processes, your items may be produced at different locations in the USA. Under these circumstances, we will add additional, relevant shipping charges to your order.

"Kits"/"Non-Kits" for USA or International Orders:  "KITS" for USA and International locations are priced for shipping from Seattle via UPS (for USA) and US Postal Service (International). USA "NON-KIT" orders are priced for USA destinations and for these destinations ship directly from the producing plant to purchaser's location.  INTERNATIONAL "NON-KIT" orders will, unless otherwise requested, be sent from the producing plant to Seattle and then, when possible, via the US Postal service to the specified International location. Both shipping routes, plant-to-Seattle and Seattle-to-purchaser's address, will be included as part of this "International" freight charge. This International shipping charge is designed to avoid commercial carrier brokerage charges.


Unless you instruct otherwise, Accurate Image, Incorporated starts production 1 business day after emailing an Order Confirmation with, when applicable, attached drawing files. If you abandon or change your order after production begins, you will be charged an abandonment fee for any labor & materials expended on your order prior to the time of abandonment or change.


Accurate Image, Incorporated reserves the right to accept and/or reject any order.


Because we are a Washington State business, we collect Washington State sales tax for purchases shipped to Washington State. Because our manufacturer, Gemini, Inc. has a physical presence in states such as California, Iowa, Minnesota, Nevada, Texas, and Virginia, we also collect the sales tax owed by Gemini, Inc, which because of its presence must collect sales tax. This tax is automatically computed by our web site for all orders shipped to those states. Because Accurate Image does not have a physical presence in these states, if your order is shipped by us from Washington State (as in the case of most "kit" orders), we will refund any sales tax amount automatically computed by our web site.

All of our products are custom-manufactured to your specifications. You must advise us within 2 business days from your receipt of our goods of any visible defect or missing elements in your order. Failure to so advise will void our warranty.

A. For Individual for Current, Personally-occupied Residence:

If you are ordering for your current, personally-occupied residence and determine before installation that your ordered items are unsatisfactory, please contact via email our Customer Service Department - telephone 206-522-5539 to resolve your issues. For your first order from Accurate Image, Inc., if we are unable to meet your needs and you determine to return our product, ship such back to us pursuant to the following conditions, using the return address we will specify.

Your returned items must reach us in pristine, unmarked condition. We will make no refund for returned items that you installed or damaged by handling or were damaged in transit because of inadequate packaging. Please use the protective packaging provided by us when we shipped our product to you. We will, upon receipt of the returned merchandise and after the time period during which purchasers may cancel INTERNET credit card transactions, refund your purchase price less a Fifty Percent (50%) recycling charge. Our refund will be made via an Accurate Image, Incorporated check mailed to you at your indicated address.

Any subsequent order of the same copy made by you with Accurate Image and shipped conforming thereto, is non-returnable and non-refundable.

B. For Businesses or Individual Purchasing for Businesses or Non-Personal Residence:

The provisions of the Uniform Commercial Code for the State of Washington govern all transactions with Accurate Image, Incorporated.  To make sure that your commercial or residential project meets yours and your customer's needs, call us for general samples. For large orders where you need confirmation of finish and style, we suggest that we produce an initial small quantity of your order to insure your satisfaction. For questions regarding size, call us or order a Preview Drawing to insure that the pieces will meet your requirements.


The following is made in lieu of all warranties, express or implied.  Accurate Image, Incorporated's and manufactures' only obligation shall be (excluding the following metals in damp, salt water, or other corrosive environments: Brushed or Polished Aluminum or Brass, Brushed or Polished Bronze or Copper) to replace such quantity of the product proved to be defective after a single, original installation by a sign professional. Our replacement obligation extends only for a time period commensurate with the life of the structure upon which the product was originally, professionally installed. The above-mentioned excluded metals are expressly not warranted for damp, saltwater, or other corrosive  environments. Neither Accurate Image, Incorporated nor manufacturer shall be liable for any injury, loss or damage, direct or consequential, arising out of the use of or the inability to install or use the product.  Before using, user shall determine the suitability of the product for its intended use and user assumes all risk and liability whatsoever in connection therewith.


Most terms used throughout this site are defined and explained in our Glossary. Terms used for Orders and Quotes for items in this web site are typically based on the definitions and explanations in the Glossary. If such terms are not defined herein, such undefined terms will reflect standard industry practices.