Cut Oxidized Brass

Dark or Medium Oxidized Finish for Cut Numbers & Letters

Prices & Ordering:

Tap a desired type and thickness (Depth1) number below for prices of selected heights in that group. Other heights are available.
Tap for Photos of Cut, Oxidized Brass  Oxidized: 1/8" plain Call3
1/8"Call3 1/4" 3/8" 1/2" 3/4" Call3

1. "Depth (distance from face to rear edge of piece)" may vary slightly from given values depending on material's type, availability,  manufacturer's origin & method of measurement (inches or metric), etc.

2. No Mounting Hardware

3. Prices only available by quote. Call us.


Oxidized Brass numbers and letters are water-jet cut from flat sheets of brass in the various thicknesses mentioned in the table above. The faces of these pieces are then brushed. The returns are bead-lasted. Next, the pieces are oxidized by submersion in a chemical solution to darken the brass into either a dark, medium, or light finish.

As a final step, after tinting the returns with a very dark brown hue, the returns and faces are clear-coated and baked with a glossy 2-part hardened acrylic polyurethane clear coat.

Our solid "brass" alloy is, depending on availability, either C46400 Naval Brass (60% copper, 39.25% zinc and .75% tin).This alloy is lead free.

Reminder: The photos on this page are representative samples. The photos were shot in direct mid-day sunlight. Under less intense lighting such as indoor illumination, the underlying brass finish may not be so intense.

In addition, your custom order will be oxidized uniformly as a single batch. However, different custom batches may show different intensities of oxidization.

Oxidized brass address numbers are not recommended for high moisture areas, such as constant moisture from a garden sprinkler, or for salt-water, marine environments.

For a good substitute of the "oxidized" appearance that will resist moist locations. Tap here for chips of our Fabricated Titanium-Colored finishes.