Cut Oxidized Bronze

Oxidized Brushed Finish for Cut Numbers & Letters

Prices & Ordering:

Tap a desired type and thickness (Depth1) number below for prices of selected heights in that group. Other heights are available.
1/8" plain2 1/8" 1/4" 3/8" 1/2"

1. "Depth (distance from face to rear edge of piece)" may vary slightly from given values depending on material's type, availability,  manufacturer's origin & method of measurement (inches or metric), etc.

2. Polished Metal only available for heights 2" or greater.


Oxidized Bronze numbers and letters are water-jet cut from flat sheets of bronze in the various thicknesses mentioned in the table above. The faces of these pieces are then brushed. The returns are bead-blasted. The pieces are then oxidized by submersion in a chemical solution to darken the bronze into either a medium or dark finish.

For the final step, the returns are tinted a very dark brown and then the faces and returns are clear-coated and baked with a glossy 2-part hardened acrylic polyurethane clear coat.

Our solid, oxidized, bronze numbers and letters are water-jet cut from lead and mercury-free alloy NAVY G 88-8-0-4 (nominal: Cu 88 Sn 8 Zn 4).

NOTE: The oxidized bronze finish will darken over time. This process is accelerated in damp or marine environments. For a fixed color of medium or dark bronze oxidation, please consider medium or dark-bronze anodized aluminum.