Non-Kit Option

Illustrations and Demonstrations for Installing Numbers & Letters

1. Standard Stud Hardware

Rear View of Helvetica Gold-Anodized Letter with studs & 1/4 inch standoff spacers

Rear View with Studs & 1/4" Standoff Spacers

Typical Installed Cast Letter Side View

Standard Wall-Mount

Installation Procedure

This video uses all of the standard supplies that are included with our Kit option.

2. Standard Pad Hardware

Formed Plastic with Pad Hardware - View of Pads
Rear View of Plastic Letter with Pads

Pad Mount in a Nutshell

Mounting pads are affixed to the inside rear of the letter. The pads are covered with silicone adhesive and pressed against a clean mounting surface. The letter is held in place with masking tape for at least 12 hours.

This mounting hardware is best for indoor locations. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS HARDWARE FOR EXTERIOR LOCATIONS.

Installation Procedure

This video uses all of the standard supplies that are included with our Kit option.

3. Standard Stud Hardware For Plastic

Formed Plastic Number with Stud Hardware - View of studs

Rear View of plastic letter with Studs
Video - Section 1 above

Aluminum studs thread into a receptacle on the inside rear of your number or letter.  You install as per the video below. Stud installation for molded plastic or acrylic is the same procedure as for metals. See Installation Procedure video above in Section 1.

4. Combination Mount: Adjustable Stud/Pad Hardware for Plastics

Formed Plastic House Number with Studs & Pads All Hardware - View of studs and pads hardware

Plastic Letter with Adjustable Pads

Formed Plastic Hardware with Stud-Pad Combination

Plastic Letter with Fixed & Adjustable Pads
"Stud-Pad Combination"

Combination Mount in a Nutshell

The illustrations above, first, show a fixed stud example with adjustable pads both top and bottom. The adjustable pads allow for a floating number/letter or to accomodate a an uneven surface.

The second example, showing fixed pads on the bottom and adjustable pads with studs on the top reduces the number of holes that must be drilled into your surface. Folks with plastic siding frequently prefer this option.

Installation Procedure

This video applies to both molded and flat-cut plastic numbers & letters.

5. Flat Acrylic Mounting Hardware

Image of Flush Stud Mount for Cut Acrylic
Flush Studs1
Image of Stand-Off Stud Mount for Cut Acrylic
Image of Stand-Off Pad Mount for Cut Acrylic
Image of Stand-Off Stud-Pad Combo Mount for Cut Acrylic
Stud-Pad Combo2, 3
Image of Standoff Stud-Pad All Mount for Cut Acrylic
Stud-Pad All2, 3
Image of Double-Sided Tape Mount for Cut Acrylic
Double-Sided Tape4

1 Available for Depths 3/8" +

2 Stroke of character must be 1/2" or more. Stud bosses & pads are c. 13/32" (or more upon request), making the default standoff for this option a minimum c. 13/32" or greater if so requested.

3 Not Available for Numbers or Letters Under 6".

4 Not Recomended for Exterior Locations.

6. What Your Non-Kit Order Includes

Contents of Non-Kit For our customers who are familiar with letter sizes, spacing requirements, and installation procedures, we provide the option to purchase our products as individual pieces or as a collection of various components. Your non-kit order will always include your requested numbers or letters, their mounting hardware, and any specified standoff spacers and/or nuts you need. In addition, you may order, at additional cost, the following:

Suggested Accessories: If you purchase our numbers or letters as individual pieces (Non Kit), and wish to install them on a wall, you will typically need adhesive and a mounting pattern.  You may, using the link below, order either an Accurate Image or a factory mounting template and/or adhesive for your installation.

  • Adhesive: Our adhesive is a silicone adhesive commonly used by the sign industry for such installation. The adhesive is available in two sizes: a 2.8 oz squeeze tube recommended for up to 4 numbers or letters; and a 10 oz push tube (requires a caulking gun) recommended for up to 15 numbers or letters.

  • Factory Template: Our non-kit factory mounting templates are created by the folks at our foundry. They lay the completed numbers or letters out on a heavy sheet of mounting-pattern paper and draw an outline around the numbers or letters. Then, within the outline, they indicate the drill points for the studs for each number or letter. Note: We cannot create a mounting template once your pieces have left our shop. If you want an installation template after you have received your pieces, please call us for the proper procedure. Reminder: The factory template is created without our professional graphic input and without your preview. We cannot guarantee that the factory template will meet your spacing requirements.

  • Accurate Image Template: The factory mounting templates are to be distinguished from Accurate Image's mounting templates which are created by us using a computer graphics program to achieve professional spacing (kerning). If you purchase an Accurate Image template either alone or as part of your Kit purchase, we send the template to you via a digital drawing for your approval. Then, the foundry plots this approved digital drawing so that the numbers and letters match your approved spacing.

Tap Here to Purchase Adhesive, Mounting Templates or Preview Drawings